Worth Weighting For

Up to a few years ago, there was a lovely lady who lived a couple of doors down from us. She was visited quite often by her sister and brother-in-law. They used to park their car right in front of my drive. I didn’t used too mind too much because I only had a motorbike back then, and didn’t even use that much. And they always used to say “Hello John” to me, in a friendly way.

One time, I had been working on my bike, and had had it apart for a few days as I was waiting for a component to arrive by post. This particular day I had just got it all back together again and had popped into the house, to get all my motorbike clobber on, so as I could take the bike out for a spin. When I was in the house, the sister and brother-in-law must have come along and left their car in front my drive again. So I couldn’t get the bike out.

I thought that if I could just wheel the motorbike down past the side of the car and my gate post then I could be on my way. Anyway, I managed to get it stuck, and as the drive slopes down and the bike is heavy I couldn’t get it back up again. I knew that their visits, to the lady down the road, were usually quite short so nothing else for it but to wait until they came back out and appologise (oops!)

I little while later, sure enough, the sister came back to her car on her own. I looked at her a bit sheepishly but she completely ignored me and went and plonked herself in the car and shut the door. She just sat there, with her arms folded, and with a bit of a face on her. Obviously not impressed by my lack of patience.

But actually, a wonderful thing had happend. As she had sat down, on the other side of the car from the side that I was trying to squeeze my motorbike out through, and as she was not a “petite” lady, then the car had sunk down on its springs on her side, thus releasing my motorbike. So I hopped on, said a cheery “hello” to the brother-in-law, as he appeared, pressed the starter and sped off.

Me on the left, with my motorbike stuck between the driveway wall and the car. Oops! 🙂

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