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So, if you see anyone using my material on other web-sites, or in talks or comedy, or wherever, then please let me know. I used to do a bit of stand-up myself and haven’t ruled out the possibility of at least doing talks on the Festival Circuit, when my children are a little more independent. Do children ever become independent?

That said, If I have inadvertently duplicated anyone elses material then I apologise and would be grateful if that is pointed out to me.


To the best of my knowledge, all of the pictures appearing in these webpages are either my own or are available to use under the “Free to share and use commercially” condition. If I have inadvertantly used one or more images that are not available under this condition then I will gladly remove the image from my site.

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Limited Liability: If I mention anything stupid or dangerous, that I have done in the past, then I really don’t advocate that anyone repeat it.
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T’s&C’s Updates

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