Wheely Suitcases

Wheely Suitcases


In one of his books “Antifragile”, Nassim Nicholas Taleb mentions what a good idea it was of somebody to think of putting wheels on a suitcase, so that you can move it around more easily than carrying huge luggage bags. Well, yes, but we’ve been able to get wheely shopping bags for many years. NNT’s other remark was that the invention of the wheeled suitcase seemed to be a long time comming. Why I wonder, when we have had wheeled shopping bags for fifty plus years? I digress.

The wheels on suitcases seem to have been designed to get from a taxi to a hotel lobby and that’s it. They are tiny. Grannys old wheely shopping bag, in comparison, was a veritable all-terrain vehicle. Seriously though, I have seen people miles from the train station pushing these suitcases along the pavement and you wonder if they are actually going to make it all the way. Well, some times they don’t and the wheels break off, or collapse, so that you miss your train and then you don’t get to the airport on time and then you miss your holiday and . . . . I rest my case m’laud (pun intended)

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