Why on earth should I moan about underpants? When I was a little boy underpants used to stay up for one thing. Nowadays if you buy the right size underpants then they are too loose. If you buy them snug enough so they won’t fall down then they are half-way down your bum. There seems to be this fashion for lower and lower waist bands, why when, apparently ladies prefer men in classic boxers (see this GQ Article)

I started buying XL size and then putting a few stitches across the waist band, half an inch in, on each side to make them a bit tighter. Looked like I had ears on my bum.

The problem is, when you get older, your bum shrinks and your tummy gets a bit bigger and then gravity does the rest: pants fall down. I already wear braces on my trousers, darned if I’m going to put braces on my trunks!

Anyway I have now found the perfect underpants that suit me very well, I buy them from BHS.

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