Christmas Tree
  • Buying presents you can’t afford for people you don’t like, who aren’t going to use them anyway
  • Eating food that is too rich that you really don’t need that will add to your already over-sized waist band
  • Drinking over-priced booze that will addle your head and make you no use to anyone
  • Glitter. We bought some Christmas wrapping paper that had “Happy Christmas” written all over it in glitter. If you have children then you know what it is to make glitter pictures: you draw the picture then go over it with glue and then dust it with glitter. Then pour off the excess glitter. Problem is the glitter continues to come away. Same with this wrapping paper: glitter over your hands, face, the table, the dog etc etc
  • Christmas cards. Why do people you work with give you Christmas cards? You see them everyday, just say “All the best for the Christmas break”, or something similar
  • Time with the wife and children
  • Having time to give yourself and the dog a decent length walk
  • Visiting friends and relatives
  • Getting all those pesky little jobs done at home that you have been putting off
  • Having a lie-in and getting up after the sun has
  • Christmas cards. I love Christmas cards! Seriously though, the only time you hear from some people is every Christmas, when you send each other a card. Please don’t take the attitude: “I’ll never see them again so why bother?” Even I’m not that negative (give me time). When you’re both retired you’ll be glad to get in touch and maybe travel to see each other or at the very least telephone or write a proper letter

Oh wait, my pros list exceeds my cons list. I realy must try harder to be more grumpy. “Bah Humbug!”

Other Christmas Websites

Actually, after I started this post, I looked around the web, hoping for a suitably scathing, sarky, ascerbic poem to link to. Nothing doing so I’ll just have to have a go at that myself one day, shouldn’t be too difficult. But I did find that Martin Lewis, writing for the Telegraph, has done a similar article to this one but much better and more detailed. So it occured to me that it may be more useful for me to provide a little list of Christmas-themed web sites:


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