Knee-Pads for Work and DIY

Knee-Pads for Work and DIY

This is about knee pads for work and DIY rather than for roller skating or ice hockey or other sport.

Now does the following sound as obvious to you as it does to me? Knees are round, the floor is flat. Therefore the inside of knee pads want to be ’round’, to fit your knees, and the outside of knee pads need to be ‘flat’, to fit the floor. I say this with deliberate over-clarity because it doesn’t seem to be so obvious to a number of manufacturers of knee pads. They all seem to know that knees are round but fail, en masse, to understand that what you actually kneel on is, to a greater or lesser extent, invariably flat. So they make the outside of them round as well as the inside. And then the knee pads turn around on your knee as you are using them, so that they end up, uselessly, on the side of your knee. This happens especially at the least convenient time; when you are crawling around in the narrow confines at the edge of the attic or some such thing.

I have this notion in my mind that manufacturers just get hold of these newly-minted college graduates and say to them “Here you just sit there in this nice cosy arm-chair and see what you come up with”. Wouldn’t occur to them to ask a few people who actually use this sort of equipment I suppose?

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