Modifying the Footer Text in Twenty Seventeen Theme

In any standard WordPress theme the footer text says “Proudly powered by WordPress” and if you click on these words then you get taken to

You may want to alter this text or add to it. In previous WordPress themes you needed to edit the footer.php template file which could be found under

https:// . . . . . . . ./public_html/wp-content/themes/twentysixteen, for example.

location of footer.php in twentysixteen theme

In the twentyseventeen theme things have changed slightly in order to help let you modify the theme without the possibility of messing up core template files, like footer.php.

Now you have to go to

https:// . . . . . . . /public_html/wp-content/themes/twentyseventeen/template-parts/footer,

for example, and modify the file site-info.php.

location of site-info.php file, for modifying the footer text, in twentyseventeen theme

The very first thing you do is make a backup copy of the file site-info.php. Right-click on the file site-info.php, and select copy

make a copy of the site-info.php file before you modify it 🙂

Then select a blank area, right click and select paste

You then end up with a file called site-info – Copy.php as well as the original site-info.php file. I guess if I need to tell you how to copy a file then you may not be the best person to mess with this sort of stuff  🙂 . This backup copy won’t do anything, it is not used and won’t slow your website down any. So just leave it there. Incidently if you do find that you modify some template file and it breaks your website then DON’T PANIC. Just rename the file you’re working on to “templatename.bak”, for instance, and then rename your backup template file to “originaltemplatename.php”, for example and then check that your website works. If you didn’t have a backup copy of the original template file then copy the file that is messing things up and rename that to  templatename.bak. THEN try to fix the file by undoing the changes that you made. But, honestly, making a backup copy of the original file has always got to be the best policy. They are just tiny text-based files.

Where was I? Right so you can now safely (haha!) modify the file site-info.php

site-info.php in sublime text editor

This is what the site-info.php file looks like in your text editor BEFORE you modify it.  (press CTL and + on your browser, if you want to zoom in to my pictures) The things you can alter are the text between the single quotes: ‘Proudly powered by %s’ and ‘WordPress’ and also the URL: ‘’

What I PREFER to do is (A) Keep the reference to WordPress. After all, lots of folk give their time for free and produce a super product. and (B) insert your own text and URL link. So below is my finished version of site-info.php after I have modified it. So all I did was copy the text between <a href and </a> and then modify that.

final version of site-info.php after adding my own text and URL link

Just a few remaining things here. (A) you’ll notice that I used a HTML code break <br> between the two bits of text appearing on my footer, to make them appear on separate lines, (B) you can use Windows Notepad to edit text documents. NotePad++ is quite good, and shows php and html files with different colours. Or use Sublime Text editor, as I have. and (C) to get a copywrite symbol, make sure that the numlock key, on your keyboard, is on and, whilst holding down the ALT key, type 0169 on the numeric key pad of your keyboard.

Update 3rd May 2017

Couple of other points:-

  • If you update your version of WordPress, and you ought to every time you are notified of an update, then the site-info.php file gets over-written to the default one. I got the T-shirt for this recently 😳
  • Therefore, make a back-up copy of your edited site-info.php file, before you update WP. You must then:-
    1. Make a copy of the NEW site-info.php, in the https:// . . . . . . . /public_html/wp-content/themes/twentyseventeen/template-parts/footer directory
    2. Check that the NEW site-info.php isn’t any different than the old default version
    3. If it is different then obviously you need to edit the new version, you just got, and add your own stuff to this.
    4. Otherwise, if the default site-info.php is the same as the previous version, then just copy your back up site-info.php into the https:// . . . . . . . /public_html/wp-content/themes/twentyseventeen/template-parts/footer directory
  • I added a smiley to the footer text
This is what my site-info.php file looks like now. My website now begins with https instead of http and also I have added a link to the T’s & C’s page.

Update Saturday 9th June 2018

There was another update to the 2017 Theme by WordPress recently (there is no WP 2018 Theme). And again my site-info.php has been over-written (Grr!). Anyway, best thing to do, is to keep a copy off of your website (with your html backups of your posts and pages – can’t say this often enough!) then you can back up the copy which comes with the theme update (important!) and then either replace the new site-info.php with your backup copy or, preferably, edit a copy of the new one to add your own text. I say that this is preferable, because it does get altered with subsequent updates. For example, in the latest update, it has something to do with a ‘the_privacy_policy_link’ , which I guess is something to do with this new GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulation) directive. So when you edit the file to add your own text, then do leave this in. Also something called class=”imprint” added near the bottom. So, as I say, edit the new file.

This is the standard site-info.php which comes with the WordPress 2017 Theme update May-June 2018

Bespoke site-info.php file
This is the site-info.php file, for the WP 2017 Theme, updated May/June 2018, modified to include my bespoke text. It’s getting bigger. I’ve left a space or two top and bottom of my own inserted text, for clarity.

If you scroll right down to the very bottom of this page, or any of my posts or pages, you will see the resultant modified footer text.

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This post contains affiliate links, meaning, if you click through an affiliate link and choose to make a purchase, I may make a commission, at no additional cost to you. Thank you.

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